Elmer Lastdrager

Dr.ir. Elmer Lastdrager works as a Research Engineer for SIDN Labs, focussing on security and privacy in home networks that contain one or more Internet of Things devices. Prior to that, he worked at the Services, Cyber Security and Safety group at the University of Twente, working in the field of cybercrime science, focussing on the prevention of phishing attacks. Elmer Lastdrager received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2009) and a Master of Science in Computer Security (2011), and a PhD from the University of Twente (2018).

Contact Information

Phone: +31 85 303 42 49

Email: elmer.lastdrager (mail) sidn.nl

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PGP fingerprint: 6038 F3DC 17DB 49E8 F7E5   73C6 CFB8 426D 0E54 D20F


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